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Black Mould: 3 Tips for Toronto Business Owners

Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Mould can be very difficult to remove. Mould growth can lead to many serious health issues, and should be professionally removed. It can begin to deteriorate your building and cause health problems in anyone who is exposed to the infected area. Every Toronto business owner should check for mould so they can remedy the situation before it puts them and their employees at risk. The following tips can help you determine if you need the assistance of a professional mould remediation service for your building.

Tip 1: Water Back Up Can Create Ideal Mould Growth Conditions

Unfortunately water leakage and water back up can happen anywhere. Even if you have repaired the cause of the problem, standing water can create ideal conditions for mould to grow. If you have experienced this type of situation, consider hiring a professional mould remediation company to evaluate the area. Even a smaller leak, such as a dripping pipe, loose valve or leaky toilet, can lead to significant mould growth and should be handled accordingly.

Tip 2: Stains on Ceilings, Walls or Floors can Indicate the Presence of Mould

If your building has numerous stained ceilings, walls or floors, this could be a hint that somewhere within mould is growing. The area may be small, that a replacement if a tile or area of drywall might get rid of the problem for now, but you should consider the possibility that something bigger is lurking just out of site. A mould remediation contractor can take a closer look to determine the source of the stains and remove it permanently. Acting quickly can also save you money in further wall, ceiling or floor repairs, not to mention saving any illnesses or sicknesses.

Tip 3: Damp Areas are Havens for Mould

Mould remediation may be required for any damp spaces in your Toronto building. Any area that has moisture for a period of time can grow mould. Although this should dry out it is possible mould may already have taken up residence. A mould remediation contractor can take a closer look to determine the level of risk and evaluate the Mould growth.

To learn more about Black Mould, contact Clear Air Solutions.

Beware of Black Mould: Signs that You May Be Living with Mould

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Mould can be very dangerous in the home. Today, we have more information and understanding of what this type of mould can do in the long term. Mould can develop in moist areas in almost any building. This is a common side effect of water damage. Professionals should remove black mould. Common bleach unfortunately may appear the mould has been removed but in actual fact it will grow back quite quickly. Mould grows with water and water is a large ingredient in Bleach. It is highly recommended that home and building owners who suspect they are noticing the symptoms of black mould exposure seek professional assistance to begin removing the source from their property.

Damage to Property Due to Black Mould

Not all signs of black mould have to do with the human body. Mould is a living organism that can be destructive. It attaches to many surfaces and will begin to wear down the area it is stuck to. This can be almost anything, from a wooden beam to flooring and clothes. Black mould found in walls or on support structures can actually endanger the integrity of a building and should be treated quickly.

Inhaling Black Mould

Inhalation is one way black mould can make its way inside the human body. When mould is present, it can release spores that are then inhaled as we breathe. The spores will become lodged inside the respiratory system. When this happens, the individual may notice symptoms that are very similar to a cold or the flu. A runny or dripping nose is common as well as congestion and asthma like symptoms.

Non-Respiratory Black Mould Symptoms

Many people are aware of the respiratory signs of black mould exposure but know little about the other symptoms. Mould can actually cause fatigue and depression as well as lightheadedness and headaches. These seem like symptoms of something else but can be easily identified when the individual leaves the area where mould is present. After leaving the area, the infected individual may notice a dramatic improvement in the above-mentioned symptoms. That is because they begin to fade once black mould is no longer present. If you suspect your home may have a black mould problem, it is highly recommended that you seek professional black mould removal & remediation assistance to take care of the issue before it becomes a health issue.

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