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6 Reasons Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning is a Necessity

Friday, June 22, 2012

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get swept up in the daily tasks involved and forget about other things like commercial duct cleaning. Having a clean business is important for appearances, but what about the places your customers don’t see, like the air ducts? Cleaning your commercial air ducts regularly is just as important as keeping the visible parts of your building clean and here is why:

  1. Your employees will be more productive. Dust, dirt, dead is hard to believe what is found in ventilation ducts. With your indoor air circulating thru dirty ducts the air you breathe in is polluted. It’s hard to be productive when there is an odor or you just do not feel well. By getting your commercial ducts cleaned in your building regularly, your employees will feel better when they’re at the office.
  2. Your workers won’t take as many sick days. In addition to just making employees feel better, you can help improve productivity. It has been proven a healthy employee produces more. Dirty, contaminated air we breathe can affect our health, resulting an increase in sick days an employee may take.
  3. Your customers feel better. Have you ever walked into a building and was overwhelmed by the stale air smell or started coughing with our cause. First impressions are important and besides the visual cleanliness of our business it is important to look at the non-visual items as well that are felt. This is the same feeling your customers will have when they step into your building if you don’t get the ducts cleaned regularly.
  4. Regular carpet cleanings kick up a lot of dirt and dust. Most business owners would never dream of going too long without cleaning the carpet. Spills are a natural hazard of running a business, and a dirty carpet is just bad for business. Customers don’t want to frequent a place with dirty carpets, even if the rest of the place is spotless. Unfortunately, getting your carpets cleaned also kicks up a lot of dust and contaminates into the air. All of these contaminants end up in your air ducts and start cycling through your building. By cleaning your commercial ducts after your carpets, you are performing a better, more complete job that will help ensure a cleaner atmosphere and healthier workplace.
  5. Clean air ducts result in a lower risk of fire. It may not seem like a little bit of dust can cause a fire, but if dust builds up in the wrong place, you could be putting your business at risk for a blaze. Cleaning your ducts regularly will ensure that there is proper airflow through the building.
  6. Your energy costs will go down. Energy costs are on the rise and it only makes sense that your Appliances like air conditioners don’t work as efficiently when there is a layer of dust on them, and the easiest way to eliminate much of the dust that’s in your building is by simply having the air ducts cleaned. Just imagine how many large appliances and systems in your building will run more efficiently by not having a layer of dust on them.

Every business owner should consider scheduling commercial duct cleaning at least once a year. It is better for your customers, better for your employees, safer, and better for the bottom line. Clear Air Solutions provides commercial duct cleaning for businesses across Ontario.

Residential Indoor Air Quality: Improving the Health of Your Family and Comfort in Your Home

Monday, December 27, 2010

Residential indoor air quality is something that every homeowner should consider. Your home is the one place your family always returns to. The air you breathe inside can have a profound impact on your general health and comfort. Recently, many have learned the value of good residential indoor air quality. This has presented a need for better, easy to use ways to clean air and improve quality.

How Can Bad Residential Indoor Air Quality Affect My Health?

Poor residential indoor air quality can negatively impact your general health. The air you breathe can increase the likeliness of allergy problems. Those that already have severe allergy issues will have even more problems when breathing poor quality air. Residential air quality is so important because of the amount of time we spend at home. At night, we breathe the air inside our bedrooms and during the day we often work, play, relax and socialize in the home. Poor residential air quality can lead to respiratory infections and other related health conditions.

What Can I Do To Improve Residential Indoor Air Quality?

Improving residential indoor air quality may not be as difficult as you think. The first step is maintaining a clean household. This involves removing dust, vacuuming carpets and cleaning up pet hair and dander. Also check furnace filters and replace them as often as necessary. After all, the filter comes in contact with the air that will flow through the home. Duct cleaning can also help reduce airborne debris. These tasks should be done regularly to prevent a build up of dust and debris that can make its way into the home from the outside.

Many companies now offer devices and services that can improve residential indoor air quality. Air purifiers and ionizers are very popular and can be purchased at many retail locations. Companies like Clear Air Solutions also provide cost effective services that will evaluate and improve residential indoor air quality. Professionals will test the current home air quality and make recommendations on what needs done. Full service companies can provide mould removal, duct cleaning, and anti bacterial treatment services.

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