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Asbestos Abatement in Toronto 

Asbestos abatement can reduce cancer risk

The usage of asbestos (a mineral fibre) in a variety of fields like asbestos mining and milling, building and construction, manufacturing of asbestos products, demolition and removal of asbestos-related products, shipbuilding, automotive, home improvements and garden products,  as well as fire fighting and paramedics has resulted in a large number of workers dealing with severe health problems.

Although we are aware and have reduced the usage of asbestos, even minimal amounts of it could compromise your employee’s health, and through them even that of their families.

Clear Air Solutions (CAS), as an experienced asbestos abatement removal contractor has served clients in Toronto and beyond. Latest technology and industry-approved asbestos abatement procedures enable us to deal with this carcinogen in a safe manner.

Asbestos Abatement Removal

Asbestos abatement removal is a complicated and dangerous process. Since asbestos comes in many forms, recognizing it requires experience as well as proper training. Clear Air Solutions is certified in asbestos abatement. We’re qualified and experienced to ensure successful removal, proper handling and appropriate disposal. We are also careful to prevent further contamination in hospitals, commercial establishments and government offices.

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What is included in our asbestos abatement services?

  • Laboratory testing and testing: Time is of the essence in the asbestos abatement removal process. CAS will collect samples of tiles, pipes, flooring, etc. and send them for proper testing in order to determine how severe the contamination and exposure is. Results are quick and accurate and help us formulate an effective abatement plan.
  • Industry-approved procedures: Asbestos abatement removal contractors like CAS strictly follow industry-approved methods of abatement, removal and disposal of infected materials. We combine the latest equipment with accepted procedures to expedite your asbestos abatement removal program. CAS employees also ensure that asbestos debris is put in approved containers and disposed of at designated facilities. We’re certified in asbestos abatement and committed to successful results keeping the safety of your workers and ours always top of mind.
  • Containment: We take the utmost precaution to prevent asbestos fibers from escaping into the air by using strong HEPA vacuums to collect remnants of materials that are cut, peeled, or scraped off during removal. Affected sections are also properly sealed off to prevent contaminating other areas. In addition, HEPA filtered ventilation blowers ventilate the work area and prevent contaminated air from escaping. We put up barricades and coordinate with your company representative to schedule work activities in a way that will minimize contact with occupants of your building during asbestos abatement removal.

Having asbestos in your facility as well as doing the asbestos abatement removal process is a serious matter. Your employees’ lives depend on skilled services from approved asbestos abatement removal contractors.

Contact Clear Air Solutions today! Our expertise in asbestos removal will ensure that your Toronto business is a safe place to work in.

Learn more about the Health Risk associated with Asbestos.

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