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Commercial Duct Cleaning in Toronto

Commercial duct cleaning improves indoor air quality. It can also enhance employee efficiency by facilitating better health and reduced sick days.

Poor indoor air quality can have a big impact on the productivity of the employee. Dust, mold and other pollutants that are within your HVAC system can cause headaches, allergies, respiratory problems, visual disturbances, which could affect the effectiveness of the employee’s work and ability to think.

Commercial duct cleaning from Clear Air Solutions (CAS) in Toronto removes all contaminants and pollutants from your HVAC to improve air circulation and filtration. A workplace that has good ventilation not only improves the health of its employees and shows your concern for their well-being but also increases their output.

Call Clear Air Solutions or fill out our form to schedule commercial duct cleaning for your office, residential building, warehouse, retail storehospital and long-term health care facility. Our clients are spread across Toronto and all major cities in Central Ontario.

What is included in our commercial duct cleaning service?

  • Robotic duct inspection: Our commercial duct cleaning begins with a visual inspection of your HVAC system. A high-tech robot inspects your ducts and presents a detailed report (with digital images) of particulates, vermin, rodents or other ductwork blockages. Knowing what we’re up against makes it easier to determine an effective solution.
  • Commercial duct cleaning: The latest robotic commercial duct cleaning system ensures thorough cleaning of your forced-air systems. We also provide after reports for you to see the dramatic results. Our cutting-edge technology works in conjunction with industry-approved processes to allow greater access to all types of ventilation systems and guarantees superior particulate removal. Our membership to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) is proof of our high standards.

Additional Services

  • Measuring air flow rates

Clear Air Solutions in Toronto is a leader in commercial duct cleaning technology and customer service. Cutting-edge equipment and well experienced staff enables us to finish our projects sooner and reduce your cost significantly. We also provide regular HVAC maintenance to keep your ventilation system operating at optimal levels. We work to identify small issues before they become huge and expensive problems. Contact us today.

Learn more about the health issues associated with Unclean Ducts. 

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