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Commercial Duct Cleaning

What health issues are associated with unclean ducts?
  • Asthma and other respiratory illnesses: Dirt-filled and blocked ducts are breathing grounds for dust mites, mould and other pollutants which may trigger frequent or more severe flare-ups for employees suffering from asthma. They also cause wheezing, bronchial constriction, persistent coughing and shortness of breath in healthy individuals which can ultimately result in a respiratory illness.
  • Allergies: Workers who are already allergic to mould, dust mites, etc. are bound to experience increased discomfort. Longer exposure to higher concentrations of these pollutants might also result in a higher incidence of allergies among those who were previously healthy. Sick Building Syndrome where many workers are experiencing similar discomfort or symptoms is a perfect example of the impact unclean ducts can have on employees.
  • Dizziness and eye irritation: Studies show that HVAC’s that have never been cleaned or are rarely serviced increase the risks of employee illness by almost 50%. Improper air circulation and filtration are known to cause dizziness and/or eye irritation and vision problems.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue or tiredness can also be the result of poor air circulation as well as spending long periods of time in a contaminated indoor space.
  • Impaired thinking/Confusion: Fresh supply of outdoor air needs to be brought in and existing indoor air needs to be filtered of germs and pollutants. When your HVAC is clogged it is unable to meet its full functional requirements. Employees breathing impure air are unable to think clearly and may be faced with periods of confusion stemming from overall discomfort.

Lack of regular commercial duct cleaning impairs the functioning of even the most advanced and expensive HVACs. Clear Air Solutions will clean and maintain your systems to make sure that they are working at optimum levels.

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