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Indoor Air Quality AssessmentIndoor Air Quality

What does our indoor air quality service include?
  • Indoor Air Quality assessments: We use state-of-the-art IAQ assessment technology to determine if humidity, mould, asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde or other contaminants are affecting your air quality. Physical sampling of possible biological growths and building materials (dry wall, ceiling, tiles, etc.), water and air quality testing helps us understand what we are dealing with. This helps us determine an appropriate course of action.
  • IAQ Management: Regular monitoring of your indoor air quality and HVAC systems ensures a healthy and productive environment. Periodic indoor air quality testing with detailed reports, effective anti-bacterial treatment and timely interventions prevent small issues from becoming large infestations that may need expensive remediation. Our IAQ management program which is customized to your requirements will prevent frequent employee absenteeism and loss of productivity.
  • Air Sampling: Increased incidence of allergies and respiratory illnesses indicate the presence of allergens, chemical and/or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In such cases we can conduct air sampling for specific contaminants to determine what is affecting your building occupants as well as how much is present in your ventilation system. Detailed analysis and specific treatments will restore healthy indoor air in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Odour Testing: Mould growth, gas leaks, dead rodents in ducts are not visible but manifest themselves through bad odour. Don’t wait for visible signs to take care of the problem. We can conduct odour testing to help you find out what is the cause as well as provide effective solutions.
  • Commercial Duct Testing and Cleaning:  Our robot will perform a detailed analysis of your ductwork to determine the source of problems. Foreign materials, particulates and blockages usually affect air flow and quality. Once we learn what the problem is we can work on a lasting solution including commercial duct cleaning and regular maintenance.
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatments: Applying effective antimicrobials like Aegis to air filters deters the growth of a broad range of micro-organisms including bacteria and mould in your ventilation systems. This will improve indoor air quality tremendously.

Clear Air Solutions indoor air quality testing and management expertise will ensure a healthy space for workers to maximize their output and ensure faster patient recoveries in hospitals.

Call Clear Air Solutions or fill out our form for indoor air quality testing in Central Ontario. We have served customers across Barrie, Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor, St. Catherines, Midland, Parry Sound, and beyond.

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