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Indoor Air Quality Testing in Barrie

Indoor air quality affects health and productivity.

What kind of substances affects indoor air quality?

The presence of mould, biological irritants like asbestos and carbon monoxide, and harsh chemicals in hospitals, government, industrial and institutional buildings can cause poor indoor air quality. It means your workers and tenants may be suffering from (or definitely are at risk for) respiratory problems like asthma, allergies and even some forms of cancer.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) testing in Barrie from Clear Air Solutions (CAS) will make sure that you have a healthy environment to work in or provide solutions that will get you there.

We use the latest testing technology for IAQ analysis, air sampling, HVAC assessments, odour testing and duct-work analysis. We also offer cutting-edge air quality management techniques for far improved indoor air.

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What does our indoor air quality service include?

Learn more about the health issues from poor "Air Quality"

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