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Mould Remediation in Barrie

It’s frustrating when you have to deal with leaky basements. Why? A cracked foundation is a serious problem because not only are you dealing with major problems with your home, a crack in the foundation allows water into your basement, which from water, mould can grow.

One of the most toxic types of mould in Barrie is black mould, which can grow throughout your basement on various surfaces that have been exposed to water. When mould starts to grow, not only does it make your home or building uncomfortable, but it can cause serious health problems. If your basement has been flooded recently, call Clear Air Solutions for professional mould remediation in Barrie.

Professional Mould Removal & Remediation

Clear Air Solutions offers expert black mould remediation or black mould removal services for Residential homes, as well as Commercial, Industrial, Institutional buildings. We test for mould, removing all sources effectively, as well offer a proper sealing of contaminated areas to prevent spreading and efficient removal methods to ensure that your mould is effectively removed in Barrie and in the Central Ontario area.

What do our mould remediation services include?

  • Inspection and lab testing – Our services include a visual inspection and lab testing of the mould we find. Some types of mould require special treatment above and beyond the standard treatments, so testing the mould in the laboratory will tell us if we need to perform these special treatments.
  • Sealing or containment – Mould remediation involves removing the mould up so that it doesn’t spread and does not continue causing health problems for you and your family. The main question that must be answered when trying to decide if abatement is the best solution is whether the health of those living in the place is already being affected. If it is, then abatement may be the best solution.
  • Mould removal – Sometimes the best answer is to simply remove the mould. This is a more difficult process that involves deep treatment to actually get rid of the mould. We don’t just wash the area with bleach. We use industry-approved processes and equipment to thoroughly remove all the mould. Washing with mule actually removes visually but does the opposite and promotes the growth of mould.
  • Cracked foundations - If a leaky basement is the problem, we have relationships with quality suppliers and contractors that offer effective treatments and solutions that can repair any cracks permanently.

Our Affordable Services

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing - determine humidity, mould, asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde or other contaminants.
  • Mould Removal & Remediation - with detailed testing, proper sealing of contaminated areas to prevent spreading and efficient removal methods ensure that you are able to deal with this problem permanently and in a cost-effective manner.
  • Asbestos Abatement Removal - ensure successful removal, proper handling and appropriate disposal. We also take care to prevent further contamination in hospitals, commercial establishments and government offices.
  • Commercial Duct Cleaning - removes all contaminants and pollutants from your HVAC as well as improves air circulation and filtration. Improves indoor air quality and also enhance employee efficiency by facilitating better health and reduced sick days.
  • Anti-Bacteria Treatments - for health care facilities, retail and commercial buildings discourage germ growth and improve infection control.

Get professional help!

Contact us for all your Mould Remediation needs in Barrie. We can be reached by:

  1. Phone – You can call at 1-705-721-1600 or Fax at 1-705-721-1644
  2. Form – You can fill in a form with your contact information and a brief description of your inquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our clients are spread across Barrie, Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor, St. Catherine, Midland, Parry Sound and all major cities in Central Ontario.

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