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Mould Removal - Did you know Mould is a huge health hazard?

Odour, discolouration and staining indicate the presence of mould and mildew in your home, office, factory, warehouse, residential buildings or hospice. 

Learn how Clear Air Solutions can help.


Air Quality Testing - Have you tested your air quality?

The presence of mould, biological irritants like asbestos and carbon monoxide, and harsh chemicals is a huge health hazard which aggravates allergies and asthma. 

Learn how Air Quality Testing can help.


Commercial Duct Cleaning - Is your air passing thru dirty ducts?

The air we breath is getting more and more polluted. Indoor Air Quality effects health and productivity. 

Clear Air Solutions offers Commercial Duct Cleaning today.


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for Antibacterial Protection:

Boats, RV’s, Rooms, Offices


Your Residential Indoor Air Quality Specialists

We all know the costs of employee sick days, or the feeling when your child is experiencing a relentless cough or grasping for air.  Poor In-Door Air quality is a very big part of these health issues and can not be ignored.

Clear Air Solutions offers professional services:

We are proud to offer Specialty Controlled Cleaning Services.  Our professional specialty services include:

  • Data Centre Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Cleaning
  • Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Disaster Cleaning

Servicing across Ontario, Clear Air Solutions, offers professional solutions for improving the air quality in your workplace and in your home. Our highly trained specialists utilized the latest strategies & technology to assure Your Commercial & Residential Indoor Air Quality.


Quality Services • Asbestos Certified • Air quality Testing • AEGIS CERTIFIED